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Imaginary music

Lorca says somewhere in some speech about the history of music that he thinks we sang before we spoke.  This is an utterly beautiful idea.  Could be true.  Could be why music is so much more powerful than speaking. Somebody … Continue reading

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Says it all

Check out this bit of a BBC documentary.  How they filmed it: no idea.  The comments on the youtube page it comes from are hilarious — various people speculating on the basis of their weight and body hair that they … Continue reading

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Old National Geographic illustrations

for some reason fill me with a nameless sense of loss and joy at the same time.

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A concept for the show

A puppet documentary.  That is, a documentary that can be wildly inaccurate.  The action would unfold on stage as if you’re watching TV late at night in some hotel in some forgotten city on some depressing business, wondering what life’s … Continue reading

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Stirring photos

These are photos I found somewhere out there of life-size models of neanderthals used in a diorama at the Field Museum in Boston.  They were made by a fellow named Frederick Blaschke in the late 20’s; apparently they are no … Continue reading

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I think cave men are sexy.

I think you should make sure that the cave men in the show wear very little.  Not much more than a thong thingie,  or even less if you can get away with it.  And can they be hairy?  very very … Continue reading

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