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This might be good

A procession of cave-people enter.  We do the cave-people in a kind of Noh-style, with masks that project off of the performer’s face.  The actual performers are draped in furs and such.  If we were brave they’d be naked other … Continue reading

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Where we’ve gotten so far:

Okay, so here’s where I think we’ve gotten, for anybody who might be joining us at this point: There’s a heap of interesting source material that’s been gathered, and probably more to come.  It’s certainly worthwhile to throw in seemingly … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the process of Open Creation

Okay, so, as the ideas for the play develop, so too does the experiment in collaborative writing over the internet.  Anybody that’s got any thoughts on that, as well, fire ‘em in, because I think it’s working pretty well but … Continue reading

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coherent train of thought and development

Pardon this, please. Not my role. But maybe we should refer specifically within our contributions to what entry/subject/point we are referring to. Otherwise, I, at least, am getting lost. Textual context is getting disjunctive, and you can’t tell what somebody’s … Continue reading

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An idea

Can two seperate simultaneous plays occur at the same time, a la point counterpoint. We sorta know what and where and how we sorta became, so that play can be construed pretty easily,, the mirror play the “What if” play … Continue reading

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Possible design and materials

Here is a scull by artist Brian Jungen who creates mask and such out of baseballs and sneakers and such…very cool stuff…but fun to think of puppets created by leather rather just wood…in fact they could be rather crude as though created by light of fire in a cave somewhere…perhaps that and some carved well and out of wood…thoughts anyhow…something to go with Urvater’s script which should almost be done…we are going to have to book time at an exclusive in Mexico somewhere with our free time hey Continue reading

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Just Learning this Ignorance blog

So many ideas, yet so tricky to go in reverse, down that reductionist path.

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We need a plot.

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I’m finding it a bit difficult to navigate the site, like, to see where to answer something, or find something. The framework is over-running content or something. Comments are beautfully and powerfully overflowing the banks of posts. But I’m sure it’ll work … Continue reading

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Neanderthals different species than Humans

There is evidence to support the theory that humans and neanderthals are distinctly separate species.  That we are not evolved from these cave people.  This was a peaceful species that were loving and cared for each other.  Not that different … Continue reading

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dani, indonesia

There’s lots of photography and literature around on primitive tribes that seem relatively unchanged from time immemorial. An aspect of these peoples that seems pretty ubiquitous is complex ritual. Appearance seems always altered by tattoos, body modification, elaborate headdress, scarification, … Continue reading

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Summa Ars Celare Artem

Summa ars (est) celare artem. Motto of the old The Arts Club in Montreal, whose members have included all the greatest names in the older history of Canadian art, including Group of Seven, et al. It is commonly translated in … Continue reading

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This is it. This is absolutely it.

OK. This has sort of been done before. But not nearly to its full potential. I haven’t read Jean Auel’s books. But I imagine she did some of this. There’s some in Sarum: The Novel of England, by Edward Rutherfurd. … Continue reading

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more narator greatness

MOV03842 its real, its alive, its a platypus…what a phrase….so compelling

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our narrator should be British and exuberant like this guy….


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