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Petrified fire

So reading your blog I had this idea. What if, before neanderthals discovered fire, they had fire made of rocks? So I set about making that image. Once it was made I wondered if, instead of fire made of rocks, … Continue reading

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Drip Drip Drip

a distant echo of water drip drip dripping, carving out the cave.

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Merry Merry

We Trouts wish everybody was happy at this time of year or any other for that matter. We’re on holidays for the next little bit, so if we don’t post it’s not because we’re being passive aggressive or sulking or … Continue reading

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Tonight is a total eclipse of the moon – hasn’t happened for almost 500 years, when Elizabeth I was locked in the Tower of London – our Neanderthal may have seen one a few millenia before that. (It starts at … Continue reading

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This is a post, rather than just a comment, because I have had a glass of brandy. It’s after midnight. I got back out of bed to write this. This happens. It’s that: a subject of discussion that might pre-occupy … Continue reading

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cave puppeteer

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Set drawing

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The Invention of Dissatisfaction

Okay, so I haven’t totally grappled with Urvater’s last post, you  know, just woke up with this notion, and thought I’d pass it on. Let’s say: Twig Creature is an artist.  Invents painting on the wall, telling stories, shadows on … Continue reading

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Another view …

The cave people are extremely educated, thoughtful, conversational. From the way they think and speak, they all seem to have doctorates in various subjects. As mentioned before, they tend to hold coffee cups, and sip coffee as they discuss major … Continue reading

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New Theory

Okay, so I think I asked the wrong question.  I had asked: what does Twig Creature want?  I even thought I had an answer: I was convinced that Twig Creature would want to procreate.  That would create this great circle, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on structure

There was some debate about this: We’ve got this opening scene for the play, where the little creature is born from the big crazy creation ritual, which gives us a main character to whom things could happen.  We tended to … Continue reading

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An Idea for the Set

We discussed an idea for the set.  Our idea: a set of animal skins, hanging from the lighting grid, in a semi-circle around the back of the stage.  On the animal skins (probably not real, no, don’t worry, we’d make … Continue reading

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So we got to talking at one point about how there are really two distinct schools of thought on the subject of primitive origins – let’s call school number one the ‘we’re savage beasts under a thin veneer of civilization … Continue reading

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A report on our recent activities

Okay, so we Trouts had a few days to bash around some ideas together.  We attempted a bit of a method-puppet-show writing, heading into the dread wilderness to experience the terrors and joys of prehistoric life first-hand — by sequestering … Continue reading

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Here’s a good theme: it’s back to Judd Trout’s earlest note, about earlier human happiness. This seems dry. But it has blood and flesh and spirit in it. And universal importance. I think this has been mentioned or at least … Continue reading

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