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The set model

Here’s some photos of a model of the current idea for the set.  We were belabouring some wire and plaster bandages and plasticine in an effort to make a great big (miniature) mastodon skeleton, the old idea, and Pityu spotted … Continue reading

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RE the current version of Ignorance

I found the idea you had for Ignorance–looking at where we went wrong in terms of bliss so that we that we might find our way again—rather ambitious, but nonetheless compelling. The version currently posted on the blog seems to … Continue reading

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And here’s the version with the modern story as well

Here’s a version with both the cave story and the modern-day story intercut.  If you’re going to read one, you might as well read this one, instead of the last one I posted, I guess. ACT ONE: Inside the Cave … Continue reading

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The Cave Story script

As we know, there are three elements coming together script-wise, or at least we currently think so: the cave story, the modern-day story, and the narrator’s commentary. For the sake of not-going-insane putting it all together, we thought it would … Continue reading

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