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This is genius.  Not sure what it means.  But it’s genius.

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The latest version of the script

Folks, we’ve had a hell of a time trying to nail down the narrator’s speeches.  Even still, I’m not sure this is working, but at least through rehearsals we’re learning what’s not working… that’s a step forward at least.  (By … Continue reading

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Another bit of music that’s great

This one’s for the parallel parking scene.  Carmen Miranda — had no idea how fantastic she is. Carmen Miranda – Tico-tico no Fubá

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Some music we’ve found

We’ve been digging around on the internet, looking for music we can use for the show (i.e., that’s in the public domain).  There’s heaps out there, and for some reason we’re attracted to old 78’s and Edison cylinders that kind … Continue reading

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Hideous Purple Tentacle Beast

God help us all — we’re working on the set.  How we’re doing it: first, Riley Miljan (a good egg, Riley) welded up a skeleton, with clever ways to take it apart; then, we covered it in crappy fibre-glass insulation, … Continue reading

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