A puppet drawing

Here’s a notion of what some of the puppets might look like — the idea being that they’re made by cave-people, so they’re not super high tech.  The head might be made of wood, we think, unlike that frickin’ amazing neanderthal puppet head that Neanderthaler posted… rock would be mighty heavy for us weak-but-clever modern humans.

Bone would be cool though.  The idea is that the heads are kind of like maraca-style rattles, so they make a maraca-style-rattle sound when you move them about, and they can double as maraca-style rattles if need be.  Their mouths don’t move, we think.  Or maybe they do.  Maybe they’d be better if their mouths moved.  Less primitive, but more expressive.

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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

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4 Responses to A puppet drawing

  1. Judd Trout says:

    I finally figured out how to post pictures big enough to see!

    Now I’ll have to draw them better.

  2. Mitochondrial Eva says:

    Feathers, beads, woven flax, hide, shells, bone, ivory, stone, wood, leaves, flowers. Dyed with ochre, crushed bugs, juice, blood, soot. Intricately carved using sharp flakes of stone, shaped by steam and friction. Elaborate, trippy, a labour of love.

    • Mitochondrial Eva says:

      Poop Pee Snot :P

      For the Juliet character, we should use cowries. They have been a symbol of femininity for over 30,000 years.

  3. Neandertaler says:

    Maybe the mouth could move with a simple “trigger” style mechanism, or else a piece of sinew or twine. I’m thinking of the amazing Hamatse masks/puppets, like that of Raven the Skull Splitter. I’ll post some images separately (don’t know how to insert them here).