A report on our recent activities

Okay, so we Trouts had a few days to bash around some ideas together.  We attempted a bit of a method-puppet-show writing, heading into the dread wilderness to experience the terrors and joys of prehistoric life first-hand — by sequestering ourselves in a log cabin (okay, not quite a cave) in the mountains (okay, at Camp Chief Hector, who kindly lent us the use of the cabin, so there were hundreds of children enduring the same horrors as us not more than a half-hour trudge away) for a death-defying two nights.  It may not have been 100% authentic, but it was cold, and we did eat a bucket of KFC for dinner the first night without plates!  Right out of the bucket, just like the cave-people!  And, truth be told, it was a little too cold, and the fireplace wasn’t heating up the whole cabin, so we (without even realizing how prehistoric we were being) built a kind of fort/yurt thing out of camp mattresses and upturned tables and chairs and things just to survive.  Over the next couple days we did several experiments to see what prehistoric life would have been really like, for example, we tried to throw a long pointy stick at things (harder than they make it look in Quest for Fire), we tried to trudge through the snow (good thing we thought to bring extra cave-socks), we tried to make it for 24 hours without having to get online (did they have wi-fi in the Paleolithic?  Did they have wi-fi three years ago?  I can’t remember anything more than 30 seconds ago anymore), we tried to get our truck unstuck from a snow-drift (just like they would have had to do, only with a mastodon).

(Okay, between us, the people of the Ignorance Open Creation Process, we’re going to make a really big deal about the trip when we talk to the press when the show’s actually going up.  Some details may change to make us look a titch more impressive.)

At any rate: we did manage to find some time in between harrowing-encounters-with-primal-truths to ponder some ideas for the play, which we will attempt to communicate in forthcoming posts.

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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

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2 Responses to A report on our recent activities

  1. Urvater says:

    A climbing partner and I spent a hellava cold night once. In the morning, we realized why. We had our space blanket upside down on the tent floor. Under the tent, in the snow, were two fine body imprints, melted out by body heat. So, you know, those cave people had to watch out for stuff like that.

  2. Jimmy D says:

    Hearing of your trial by cold at camp reminding me of a time where I had to lend my sleeping bag and thermarest to a camper who has managed to get his totally soaked during a very rainy and even snowy outtrip (in August – natch). I decided to bundle myself in all my clothes and just sleep on the ground under the tarp with no bag or mat.

    When I awoke at dawn I remember that half my body was quite cold as the ground had sucked all heat from it. I also remember having almost no mental facilities. I suspect it was the closest I have ever felt to being primitive. Almost no interior vocabulary or awareness. Just the following command that kept repeating in my head:
    “Run! If you run you will get warm!”
    After about a kilometre jog my body core tempurature and state of mind started to return to a relative state of normalcy.
    Enjoying hearing about progress. Keep it up cave-boyos!