An idea

Can two seperate simultaneous plays occur at the same time, a la point counterpoint. We sorta know what and where and how we sorta became, so that play can be construed pretty easily,, the mirror play the “What if” play could happen beside the one making that ignorant choice, the “We did” play.

I blame thumbs, standing (not enough ground fruits and nuts or flightless poultry or short-squat-slow animals or butterflies for the kids to net) and HORMONES, bloody stupid hormones,,, the bane of good choice.

An old caveman of 30 had the IQ of a 12 yearold for a good chunk of our existence, think what his & her kids witnessed or learned from. Actually go watch 11 & 12 year old kids play, guaranteed there will be a fire and a couple of those kids would have cooked a few frogs or snared and skinned a gopher or two (kids do snare gophers still, I hope, or is it XBox all the way?).

Someone mentioned cavemen sitting on each others backs covered in mammoth dung, appearing like the hunted. Montgomery used gigantic cardboard cutouts of tanks up on the horizon that Rommel pummeled with artillery and then sadly realised that he’d wasted countless shells on this theatre facade. Apparently Rommel was a real sucker for the pea and shell game and squandered much of his fortune in the alleys of Cairo trying to find the legume.

If we never stood up and lost our thumbs along the way what would my espresso machine look like? would there still be a gynecology row at my favorite strip club? would the best foreign film category still be a token nod at the Oscars.

Right Wing & Left Wing, is usually associated with Republican & Democrat (I can`t use Canadian politics as an example being that there is about as much diversity on Parlaiment Hill or the Legislature in thought as there is a maripan cookie cut in half). “Right“ is derived from Roi (King aka ascension), Left is derived from Libre balance, a watchdog of ascension, keeping it all in check. Our lefties failed us back there somewhere, prolly tending there hemp and poppies.

What would caveman puppets look like, or rather, if cavemen (Urgh, and camedames) made puppets for shows on those evenings where the kids are hopped up on too much honey, what would they look like,,, we know what adorned the walls, not much has changed there,,, i`m sure there was more to their lives than eating, shitting and making hump.

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  1. libidoless says:

    I’ve discovered that if I bump the shift key and ctrl at the same time , my keyboard becomes french; the above words I mispelled are, Marzipan and Cavedames, I also wrote “there” instead of “their”,, my bad,, bloody thumbs and hormones I tell ya,, THUMBS AND HORMONES,,,,, and standing, respectively.