Animated sequence storyboard

The sequence where Eve sees shadows on the wall and becomes the first human to imagine something is going to be animated and projected, we’re thinking.  We’re teaming up with an animator named Paul Dutton and Calgary’s Quickdraw Animation Society, to produce some animated bits for the show.  In this sequence, Eve sees her shadow on the wall, and then a mysterious shadow monster appears, which entices her out of the cave by conjuring visions of a marvellous world with trees and fruit.  Later in the show, the monster appears as a puppet — the huge cave-bear skull depicted in the post with photos of puppets-in-process will be its head.

We just banged this together as a conversation starter for a meeting with the animation team, so it’s not super-amazingly drawn… that’s a good excuse, anyway.

We fear judgement.



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2 Responses to Animated sequence storyboard

  1. vlukawski says:

    I haven’t read up on the process in a while, but I’m sensing a little reference to Plato’s Myth of the Cave in what is described. Am I reading too much into it?
    What we see cannot be unseen.

  2. carrie says:

    This feels like there is enough to be the animation – why be so polished?