Another view …

The cave people are extremely educated, thoughtful, conversational. From the way they think and speak, they all seem to have doctorates in various subjects. As mentioned before, they tend to hold coffee cups, and sip coffee as they discuss major issues: who are we? What are we for? Where did we come from? What effect might we be having on evolution, technology, etc.? They try to imagine incredible improvements that might evolve over thousands, even millions of years. How better life might be, far into the future. Or, how golden it was in the past, before they developed all their human greeds and frailties and meannesses. They of course look more or less like gorillas, and, as they talk, they are, of course, sitting on the floor, in filth, gnawing on dead animals. Skins hanging around. Maybe occasionally one of them drags in a dead enemy for dinner. The conversationalists, as you can tell primarily by their voices, might be all males. One of them maybe gets a bit overheated in one of their intellectual/historical/ anthropoligical/religious arguments and runs a spear through his colleague. Women hover in and out, maybe, with kids, offering roots or something (which are refused), or insects (which are accepted, potato chip style). Women might remove a carcass that doesn’t have any more meat on it, asking if anybody wants this eyeball before she takes it away. One takes it. Occasionally, one of the participants in the discussion grabs a woman or another guy and rapes en. The resultant body language — all body language, except sipping the coffee, and gesticulating as they talk, is totally primitive. The only thing “modern” about them is their speech and hand and shoulder language relative to their speech. Everytime they do anything else, it’s animal, totally cave. Maybe one of them does some art on the wall, and is severely criticized, ostracized. They complain that art these days has gone to shit. “My kid could do that!” Maybe some more joke stuff, like, one rolls in a stone wheel he’s made, and they all ridicule it and him. Maybe, too, they talk about hunting and war, and decide to do some. Tomorrow morning. Early start. Who’s in? The women protest. The men ridicule the women. Shit, if women had their way, there wouldn’t be any wars or hunting at all! And THEN where would we be? Maybe somebody lying in the background is sick. On into the conversation, they realize that the sick person has died. They discuss whether they should just throw en out for the animals, or use en as animal bait, or, what if, I don’t know, you know, you hate to just, like throw en out. What about some kind of little ceremony or something, just to express sympathies for the way e was. I mean, e was a human being, like us, eh? They then get into a full discussion of death, ceremony, ritual, etc. On into the play a bit, the men all feel like killing something or someone. It’s nearly dawn anyway. So, they get their weapons and go out. The women shake their heads in resignation. The men gone, the women discuss kids, social activities, personalities: whether one of their kids might be autistic. Another one might have A.D.D. One wonders whether her kid is anaemic. Another makes a case that her kid is amazingly superior. Gentle, loving, intelligent. Solves group problems in very creative ways. The women approve of this, as they chop up dead animals with rocks, etc. They might also discuss their men; expressing very little hope that they will ever rise to anything other than hunter/killers. But, the woman love them anyway. What can you do? Stuff like that.

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