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Current General Manager, Resident Lighting Designer of The Old Trouts.

Ignorance PWYC Preview in Calgary

Title: Ignorance PWYC Preview in CalgaryLocation: pumphouse theatres – Victor Mitchell TheatreLink out: Click hereDescription: Check it out Check it out! We have a two week run in Calgary before the show heads to eastern Canada and beyond.Start Date: 2012-10-23Start … Continue reading

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Weird puppet animation

I know that there has been talk of including some stop motion animation.  I came across this little music video,  seriously creepy puppets ride around in a field on a fish drawn carriage while others meld with stick man/burning man … Continue reading

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this is disturbing

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Images from France

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Real Ignornace

I saw a more recent interview with this man last week.  He talked about how the discoveries that the scientific comunity for the past several decades had been “filtered” so that the new information that challenges the established darwinian theory … Continue reading

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Neanderthals different species than Humans

There is evidence to support the theory that humans and neanderthals are distinctly separate species.  That we are not evolved from these cave people.  This was a peaceful species that were loving and cared for each other.  Not that different … Continue reading

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I think cave men are sexy.

I think you should make sure that the cave men in the show wear very little.  Not much more than a thong thingie,  or even less if you can get away with it.  And can they be hairy?  very very … Continue reading

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