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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

An Idea for the Set

We discussed an idea for the set.  Our idea: a set of animal skins, hanging from the lighting grid, in a semi-circle around the back of the stage.  On the animal skins (probably not real, no, don’t worry, we’d make … Continue reading

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So we got to talking at one point about how there are really two distinct schools of thought on the subject of primitive origins – let’s call school number one the ‘we’re savage beasts under a thin veneer of civilization … Continue reading

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A report on our recent activities

Okay, so we Trouts had a few days to bash around some ideas together.  We attempted a bit of a method-puppet-show writing, heading into the dread wilderness to experience the terrors and joys of prehistoric life first-hand — by sequestering … Continue reading

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This might be good

A procession of cave-people enter.  We do the cave-people in a kind of Noh-style, with masks that project off of the performer’s face.  The actual performers are draped in furs and such.  If we were brave they’d be naked other … Continue reading

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Where we’ve gotten so far:

Okay, so here’s where I think we’ve gotten, for anybody who might be joining us at this point: There’s a heap of interesting source material that’s been gathered, and probably more to come.  It’s certainly worthwhile to throw in seemingly … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the process of Open Creation

Okay, so, as the ideas for the play develop, so too does the experiment in collaborative writing over the internet.  Anybody that’s got any thoughts on that, as well, fire ‘em in, because I think it’s working pretty well but … Continue reading

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The Birdmen of Saint Kilda

Evidently there’s an island off the coast of Scotland called Saint Kilda, where once lived a people called the Birdmen of Saint Kilda, who only recently ceased to exist.  They were so called because they lived off seabirds, being the … Continue reading

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A Theory of Evolution

Much of the literary thinking about prehistory tells us that we have fundamental natures, that modernity has caused us to lose touch with those fundamental natures, but that if we could return to live in accordance with these fundamental natures, … Continue reading

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Obviously the first scene of the play

From Urvater.

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An image for the play…

came into my head last night.  Three performers, let’s say (not sure yet how many people will be on stage).  Bent forward, facing down, with crudely carved masks of cavemen on the top of their heads, so they have a … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Architecture

Neandertaler’s post on camping made me think of this: A town, outside of Belfast, where you can see a collection of little caves.  One was apparently lived in until recently by a witch, and the other was what they call … Continue reading

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Imaginary music

Lorca says somewhere in some speech about the history of music that he thinks we sang before we spoke.  This is an utterly beautiful idea.  Could be true.  Could be why music is so much more powerful than speaking. Somebody … Continue reading

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Says it all

Check out this bit of a BBC documentary.  How they filmed it: no idea.  The comments on the youtube page it comes from are hilarious — various people speculating on the basis of their weight and body hair that they … Continue reading

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Old National Geographic illustrations

for some reason fill me with a nameless sense of loss and joy at the same time.

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A concept for the show

A puppet documentary.  That is, a documentary that can be wildly inaccurate.  The action would unfold on stage as if you’re watching TV late at night in some hotel in some forgotten city on some depressing business, wondering what life’s … Continue reading

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Stirring photos

These are photos I found somewhere out there of life-size models of neanderthals used in a diorama at the Field Museum in Boston.  They were made by a fellow named Frederick Blaschke in the late 20’s; apparently they are no … Continue reading

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