Biking monkeys…

Nostalgia 77 – Hush

Isn’t this little movie just beautiful? I think it might be the most beautiful thing I ever seen on the net. The original footage have been made in 1963 and is called One Got Fat. It was made to promote safety and security on bikes. Anyway, don’t know exactly why I’m posting this here. I thought you guys should all see that. Wouldn’t it be kind of awesome to be able to integrate such a powerful contrast in Ignorance show? Maybe the puppeteers should wear regular clothes, so when they turn into puppets, they become those weird half prehistorical / half contemporary men… I don’t know. Just a thought. I love the art and the beauty of this video though. It adds another layer to what you see, somehow.

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One Response to Biking monkeys…

  1. cimmeron says:

    The fat kid makes me feel kinda sad.