We’ve gotta watch it. Without fail, we civilized people completely misunderstand PNLU (people not like us). I bet we’re doing it here, too. If we actually wandered into a Neanderthal camp and got to know folks, we’d probably find they’re pretty much like us. Maybe like different music, have different etiquette at meals, etc. But, basically, much the same. Trying to keep the kids out of trouble long enough to get them married off, etc. This is not really relevant, but, somehow, it comes to mind: I took my little maybe four year old nephew to the Calgary Stampede once. We went to the Indian Village. We went into a beautifully done up teepee. It was Stoney. The Gladstone family, I think, who have played government roles. The family were arrayed around in costumed dignity. As soon as we came through the door, and stood up in the middle of the big teepee, my little nephew’s voice rang out loud and clear: “Is this an Indian cage?” Well, nobody said anything. But a logical answer would have been, “You got it, kid!”

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