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Heinrich Q Wikepedistein delineates two separate Cavemen theatre set cultures, the Freiwandern and the Hohleblieb. Hohleblieb was based on the cave as a sacred location. The show was developed to fit the specific constraints of the cave. Fire and lamplight … Continue reading

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Petrified fire

So reading your blog I had this idea. What if, before neanderthals discovered fire, they had fire made of rocks? So I set about making that image. Once it was made I wondered if, instead of fire made of rocks, … Continue reading

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Neanderthals different species than Humans

There is evidence to support the theory that humans and neanderthals are distinctly separate species.  That we are not evolved from these cave people.  This was a peaceful species that were loving and cared for each other.  Not that different … Continue reading

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The Birdmen of Saint Kilda

Evidently there’s an island off the coast of Scotland called Saint Kilda, where once lived a people called the Birdmen of Saint Kilda, who only recently ceased to exist.  They were so called because they lived off seabirds, being the … Continue reading

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It is thought that this is earliest example of a art object, that we know of….its 3 million years old, and was found in a cave along with basic tools of  some  Australopithecus afarensis it was not like any of … Continue reading

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