We only perceive through contrast. We have suppressed danger, fear, violence, untreated injury, pain, death, even a sense of constant ignorance and wonder. So we wander lost in the formless absence of these vital life forces. Some modern activities — often desperately sought out — supply some of this: combat, mountaineering, exotic travel. Old people probably enjoy these factors more than young. But primitive peoples can have it every day. Well, come to think of it, vast areas of the world’s populations today live in far more threatening, stressful, miserable conditions than we average industrial/technological peoples know. Come to think of it, living in the street would give you some; and that’s done a lot these days. But, all that, of course, is part of the contrasting side that we suppress. “Live” without. Huh! Not much of a life! Give me the mountains. Fear. Cold. Stress. Feel the void beneath your feet! The chasm. Balance between both sides of life, which is to say, life and death. THAT’s life!

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