Drip Drip Drip

a distant echo
of water drip drip dripping,
carving out the cave.

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3 Responses to Drip Drip Drip

  1. Terminator E says:

    The deeper they go, the deeper it gets. After a point there are no animal spirits left to guide them. They make up songs as they go, alone together in the dark.

  2. Terminator E says:

    In the night when everyone else is sleeping Twig, Stickbone, and Mossdungfeather paint themselves on the wall, then sneak away from the group. Together they are going to travel deeper into the cave than anyone has ever traveled before.

    The campfire fades behind them, much of the journey is made in darkness. They have a small supply of petrified fires which they use sparingly along the way, the illumination these provide lasts anywhere from one second to a few minutes.

    At one point it sounds like they are pretty close to the drip. Out of curiosity they waste a few petrified fires trying to find it, then they move on.

  3. Terminator E says:

    After every two hundred and fifty seven drips, there is a silence, then the dripping resumes. After every seventeen cycles of two hundred and fifty seven drips plus one silence, there is a thunk.

    After every sixty-five thousand, five hundred and seven thunks, a geyser scours the cave with blistering steam and hydrogen sulphide, except every fifth such cycle, where there is a drip-drip instead.

    The cavedwellers are adept at tracking these rhythms, and consider the drip-drip a sacred sound, but none dare utter it for fear of throwing everybody off the beat.