Hideous Purple Tentacle Beast

God help us all — we’re working on the set.  How we’re doing it: first, Riley Miljan (a good egg, Riley) welded up a skeleton, with clever ways to take it apart; then, we covered it in crappy fibre-glass insulation, to bulk it up; then, the fine people of Beyond Foam Insulation came to the shop — they normally spray foam insulation into the walls of buildings, but they sometimes do this kind of thing too.  We covered the shop in plastic sheets, and put on hazmat suits and breathing apparatus, and then their man Jay (champ) sprayed foam all over the thing — did an amazing job.  Next, the horrible part — carving and sanding.  We’ve been living in a cloud of purple dust for days, and we’ve just about had it.  However: we finished that part today.  Next is a hard coat, and then paint.

But!  The fire mechanism is done!  And beautiful.  See its first test run in the last photo below.  (Clunk Puppet Lab has been helping us build things, and their man Jonathan built the fire.  He’s been making his own circuit boards over in a corner of the shop for the past three weeks, and the result is a fire that flickers and grows and dims to embers and smokes and every dang thing a fire does except that this one clears fire code regulations.)

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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

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8 Responses to Hideous Purple Tentacle Beast

  1. Ter. E says:

    At some point could we have the ribs heave and sigh, like the beast is not quite dead yet? Let’s hear it for survival!

    • Mitochondrial Eva says:

      It’s a-living…

      • Ter. E says:

        Right! Just like the animals that powered all the Flintstones technology would say, with a shrug… they weren’t pursuing happiness, they were slugging it out every day being vacuum cleaners and phonographs and anything else that hadn’t been invented yet. It is permissible to continue with this gag, and have our early humans use caverats as mobile phones or tablet computers, etcetera. Yuks such as these are important micro-narratives that say important things about who we are.

  2. Mitochondrial Eva says:

    Mmmmmm lovely… now bedazzle that thing with cowrie shells already!!!

  3. CLARKTA says:

    In the belly of the old trout! We wriggle with glee toward your opening! Bravo!

  4. mamatrout says:

    Bravo, Trouts! It’s brilliant!
    (and verrry scary)
    Big love to you all!

  5. carrie says:

    You’ve created a monster! I hope this show makes it to Vancouver.