What is this?

Ignorance is a puppet documentary about the blissful prehistoric origins of humanity, and how our brains evolved into the hideous bliss-sucking parasites they are today. Yes: it’s about how why we’re not happy. And how we might solve this problem without resorting to alcoholism, tranquilizers, frontal-lobotomies, or other forms of induced ignorance.

But not just that: it’s an experiment in a whole new way to write theatre. As far as we’ve heard, anyway.


Here’s the plan: we’re going to create the whole thing right here – words, drawings, pictures, little bits of video from rehearsals even – the entire shamozzle. Anybody who wants to have a look at what we’re doing can watch as the ideas develop.

You can also throw your own ideas into the mix. You’ll need to register over there in the right hand column but after you do you’ll be able to post comments, reply to others, and upload text, image, video and audio files.

Maybe you think a scene we’ve written is stupid – well, write your own scene. Maybe you think we haven’t realized something crucial about Cro-Magnon hunting habits – tell us what you know. Do it in poem form. Send us a video of your interpretive dance called Mastodon by Moonlight, or just rant aimlessly – maybe you’ll strike puppet-show gold. If you’re a critic, and you think it’s all going to be terrible, this is finally your chance to tell us beforehand.*

When all is said and done, we’ll have made a puppet show together. The whole world, or at least everybody who felt like it. And that’s kind of a beautiful idea, we think.

* We’ll take all the credit, and make all the profits, just so you know up front. And there’s no guarantee that your idea will make it into the show – even if everybody in the world can tell it’s a way better idea than we ended up using – we’ll make the final decisions. After all, we’ll be the poor bastards actually making the puppets and spending the money. You have to contribute for the love of it, or not at all.**

** There might be a better way to do it, but we haven’t thought of it. Maybe you have, though – in which case, you’re allowed to say so.

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