Merry Merry

We Trouts wish everybody was happy at this time of year or any other for that matter. We’re on holidays for the next little bit, so if we don’t post it’s not because we’re being passive aggressive or sulking or something, it’s because we’re stuffed from feasting and feeling too convivial to say anything clever. ¬†Joy to all!

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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

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One Response to Merry Merry

  1. libidoless says:

    Define Convivial; my background is Polish,,, you know how people say,
    “… the full moon makes for good miscommunication, lunacy!”,,,
    well during a Polish X-mass, the moon is bigger and fatter and denser
    than the moon of any other nation or no matter where your Polish blood
    is at that moment,,
    Thank god for good vodka!!!

    May your lunacy be subtle.
    Merry Merry hohoho!