Neanderthals different species than Humans

There is evidence to support the theory that humans and neanderthals are distinctly separate species.  That we are not evolved from these cave people.  This was a peaceful species that were loving and cared for each other.  Not that different from humans,  they bred and intermingled with humans.  Modern descendants of this mating are those with the almost extinct red haired gene.  There are recent studies that show that people with this gene have a higher pain threshold.

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One Response to Neanderthals different species than Humans

  1. Neandertaler says:

    Yes, but we also have to be very careful not to romanticize the past. There is proof that neanderthals were cannibals, and that they were fierce hunters, i.e. most suffered serious injuries during their lifetimes.

    Also, they were not an entirely different species, as recent studies show they interbred quite extensively with what are now the Europeans and the Asians (actually, with everybody that did not stay in Africa, so that makes the Africans the true “purebred” homo sapiens–put that in your pipe and smoke it, Hitler!). Different species can’t interbreed, by definition–subspecies can. So many of us carry between 1 and 4% Neanderthal DNA. Whether the interbreeding was voluntary or violent, of course, no one may ever know. But there is at least some statistical evidence that male and female sapiens and neandertalensis fancied each other to get into the sack together.

    Here’s a National Geographic article about the DNA evidence for interbreeding, with lots of links: