Petrified fire

So reading your blog I had this idea.

What if, before neanderthals discovered fire, they had fire made of rocks? So I set about making that image.

Once it was made I wondered if, instead of fire made of rocks, was it petrified fire in a museum setting in a display of neanderthal life? It could be either…

About Terrible Comfort

Terrible Comfort is a transformational approach to space.  It incorporates techniques of digital craft, installation performance, found narrative and guerrilla sculpture to create works of sophisticated contemporary puppetry. Its focus is an ongoing exploration of beauty.

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2 Responses to Petrified fire

  1. Terminator E says:

    Yes… the singing! Can Ignorance be a musical, performed in Cromagnonese?

  2. mamatrout says:

    The evolution of cooperation
    Perhaps there’s a thread of a theme that weaves through the play about how we learned to cooperate with each other, or, more to the point, how we learned to decide if we’ll cooperate with each other. Perhaps it’s not so difficult to imagine returning from a successful hunt and having a eureka moment in which the the concept of sharing links to the concept that if one were to return empty-handed and hungry the next day, another hunter, who may have been successful, might remember and share in return. This is conceptually different from the mother-child bond, in which always sharing is the norm. It’s sharing motivated by a sense of anticipation that one might be the beneficiary of the generosity of another at some time in the future. By what means would the concept of the anticipation of cooperation emerge?
    Remembering that the intention here is to be somehow in aid of theatre, perhaps the tragic moment occurs when, after sharing and, more importantly, trust in sharing, has been established, it is withdrawn, for reasons unknown. The range of emotions that could be expressed pretty much covers the gamut.
    And how might trust in sharing be re-established? Well – sing a song! No words necessary – the only meaning is to demonstrate a collective decision to be part of ‘we’, rather than just ‘me’.

    Happy and wonder-filled New Year to all!