Possible design and materials

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3 Responses to Possible design and materials

  1. Neandertaler says:

    Love the idea of monkeys never wanting to speak to us. Or hate it, I should say. It just explains a lot. Like why my cat is clearly irritated that I understand so little of what he says.
    But I think that where the monkeys went wrong, and Shakespeare went right, is that he didn’t even try using a typewriter. There’s a shortcut for everything.

  2. Terminator E says:

    Cavemen were deeply passionate about art, sport, fashion and the like, these were extensions of their obsession with status. Or so says Bigfoot. The secret transcripts of “enhanced interviews” of captive saquatch by the U.S. Forest Service, recently posted on Wookie Leaks, paint a picture of cavemen as creatures profoundly concerned with their position within complex, multi-dimensional status matrices that are too complex for modern humans to consider. The crude heirarchical systems that humans have been using since the end of the last ice age are just something the cavemen made up as a lark, as a dinner party theme one time. The interviews also reveal that millions of monkeys had been trying for millions of years to write “Hamlet”, and when the human William Shakespeare wrote “Hamlet”, the whole thing on his first try, the monkeys were super pissed, and that’s why they never speak to us.

  3. Urvater says:

    Petertrout’s “Possible design and materials” is excellent, in my view. Profoundly expressive. The piece would elevate a gallery or museum just on its own, before it even started to think about its role in a greater context. An inspiring contribution. From places like this, the play will go high and far and deep. Exciting.