In the New York, original, version of Hair, which I was privileged to see (dated one of the many understudies), the actors, in hair and loincloths, swang (swung?) onto the stage from balconies and climbed in over the backs of the audience’s seats, with music blariing, actors shouting.  It was one incredibly good tone-setter. So the Ignorance cast should be among the audience all the time. Maybe haul a couple out during the play (stooges) for not clapping or something. Steal some women, too. Pull some people into the aisle to talk to by hand. Get them involved. When people leave (hopefully not till the end) the cast could wail and rail and cry and tear at themselves in grief, try to hold people back. Make it painful, difficult.

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  1. Neandertaler says:

    Cool idea. What if they see the audience as another species of primates, or possibly another, more “evolved” kind of human? There might be a lot of jeering, spear-shaking and challenging from a distance at first (“Publikumsbeschimpfung”!) , but they are bound to realize, soon, that even a big group of these gym-toned, buttoned up moderns are no match (despite the magic of cellphones and eyewear) for a band of mammoth slayers… Which would clear the field for curiosity and the kind of the interaction you describe.