Tonight is a total eclipse of the moon – hasn’t happened for almost 500 years, when Elizabeth I was locked in the Tower of London – our Neanderthal may have seen one a few millenia before that. (It starts at 2:42 am Toronto time and isĀ  at it’s max at 3:17 am.)

Because of magical forces, this is moon is known as the Blood Moon; it will appear to be red tonight during the eclipse.

Does the emergence of knowledge of the night sky and its stars signal the growth of some humanising capability? The beginning of religion linked to the history of astronomy? The Wise Men were astrologers -the junction of Jupiter and Venus near Regulus may have been the star of Bethlehem…

Could the stars and planets in the night sky could be characters in the play? Like a Greek chorus, commenting on our Neanderthal…

Tonight the moon will appear to be three dimensional against the winter Milky Way… a red orb, rather than a disc. Watching the eclipse happen could make us all feel closer to those brave and hairy guys, who knew so much more about the natural world than we do now….

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