Rock art

So that last post inspired me to link to some Australian rock and cave art. Some have been dated at around 12,000 years ago.

Some are images of gods and ghosts from

Some are celebrations (from

and some are just handprints, created by spitting paint at the rock. Maybe like a “I WAS HERE” kind of signature. (from

People like to decorate the spaces around them with things they know from life and stories and I wonder if the guys you’re creating would be no different. What do they dream of? What do they concern themselves with? What do they think about and concentrate on? What would they paint on their cave walls?

About Terrible Comfort

Terrible Comfort is a transformational approach to space.  It incorporates techniques of digital craft, installation performance, found narrative and guerrilla sculpture to create works of sophisticated contemporary puppetry. Its focus is an ongoing exploration of beauty.

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