Says it all

Check out this bit of a BBC documentary.  How they filmed it: no idea.  The comments on the youtube page it comes from are hilarious — various people speculating on the basis of their weight and body hair that they must be surviving neanderthals.

I’ve heard that neanderthals contributed the red hair gene, so if you’ve got red hair you’ve got neanderthal relatives.

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  1. Jimmy D says:

    On the note of genes,I had heard (in cocktail party fashion) that many significant evolutionary progresses can be traced back to thirteen gifted ape-women from Africa who scattered from there to initiate the global village of diversity. The thirteen tribes idea feels very numerically poetic to me, adding the lost tribe to the traditional twelve tribes of Israel (10 north and 2 south).

    To continue on a slightly off topic tangent, I often enjoy reflections on how biblical stories can be interpreted as pre-historic/scientific occurences. One of my favourites is from Alan Moore who suggested that the idea that Eve came from the rib of Adam could be viewed more effectively if we consider it, not in human terms, but as an amoeba growing from the first amoeba.