Show at the Cultch

Saw the show last night at the Cultch. Loved the unpretentious simplicity and humour of the show’s method of communicating some profoundly simple observations on the state of of race. Had a notion after the talkback session as regards a possible second act or sequel to this wonderful show. The pursuit of happiness as shown hinted at mythologies on the cave wall – why not pursue the notion of PROMISE by dealing with the creation of the religions of the world and their promises hope and the resulting chaos that ensues as it becomes organized into the tyranny of “those that KNOW”. Who knows there may be something in the “pile of shame” that could suddenly find a use – like Don Juan’s ancestor with his bevy of ape brides.In this regard there is a wonderful book – H.G. Wells SHORT HISTORY OF THE WORLD – that notes the development in a relatively short period (in the grand scheme of things) of the three major world religions – Buddhism, Islam and Christianity – with the rise of their three prophets. Just a thought for your wonderful OPEN PROCESS.

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