I’m finding it a bit difficult to navigate the site, like, to see where to answer something, or find something. The framework is over-running content or something. Comments are beautfully and powerfully overflowing the banks of posts. But I’m sure it’ll work out. There is allusionary significance here. The world has gone menu, so everybody is just picking out stuff. Whereas, earlier people didn’t have any menu. They had to create the menu every minute before they could pick out stuff and try it. (Think of the invisible control exercised by those who write the menus that are blindly followed.  They have almost as much power as media that “tell both sides” — as though anything only had two sides.) So, folks, here, we are writing menu, eh? We have the power! But I just wanted to say: there is some wonderful stuff surfacing here. It warrants reading, and re-reading, and thinking about. Among much much good stuff, for instance, the idea of the foetus expressing reactions to its mother’s actions or feelings. That is a wonderful image of evolution, isn’t it? How can we exist without a context, a sounding board, that is already implanted in us? And the poetry written about Bread and Puppets puppets. Yes! WAY bigger than TV! (And, of course, everything Urvater writes is just amazing.) (Just joking. I take that back.) God, some of the people on this site could like, be writers! Take it, Dook!

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5 Responses to Simplify

  1. Neandertaler says:

    “No one cohesive individual in the whole thing”… there’s much food for thought there! Our whole understanding of our ancestors is based on disjointed body parts, scattered tools and bits of garbage washed up on our shores by the oceans of time. Even if we do find the occasional complete skeleton, will we ever get a real idea of who these people were, as individuals?
    See my post “Sticks and stones and ancient bones” for some more thoughts on this.

  2. Urvater says:

    In Don Juan, human figures were manipulated as totally separate pieces. This was highly effective. How about take it further? No one cohesive individual in the whole thing. Just big body and facial parts, and even, as mentioned above, like, a foetus. (Not all that far from The Unlikely Birth, eh? First scene?) Maybe a vagina, and a penis. Maybe a heart, that could, like, pulsate hugely, and/or bleed. Mouths and eyes that could fly in to take up vital expressions. Breasts that can be held or drunk from. Bones that could be broken. Disembodied expressive human ingredients that move breathtakingly fast in and out of the action. Holy shit! This could be so much fun! And with the huge soundtrack: sighs, screams, rhythms, thunder, battle. Jaysus, this could be good!

    • libidoless says:

      I think it’s Boris Brott the conductor from out east, who at age 5 presented his Mother with a composition,, she realised it was her practice piece for cello that she played daily through her labour but stopped after he was born. Our fears and delights were initially percieved through gut and vein, and I’m not sure it was completely dark either,, put a small flashlight in your nostril then turn off the lights in the room and look in the mirror and say ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. Urvater says:

    Might it be time to move into a draft?