some puppet ideas

For the sake of clarity, I’ve pictured the puppeteers without all their gear on.  The mastodon, courtesy of Mercedes Bátiz-Benét.


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3 Responses to some puppet ideas

  1. Judd Trout says:

    No no… that’s a great idea. Primeval shrubbery outfits, some lush and vivid green, with root shoes. Maybe they could lose their leaves, somehow, so that they become stark and wintery, when our heroes have left the cave and gone into the wastes.
    Somewhere way back there’s a post about the costumes — It’s a theory, anyway.

  2. vlukawski says:

    Or maybe the snowstorm fella doesn’t have antlers, but branches? So, maybe you already considered this idea.

  3. vlukawski says:

    This looks great! I like the use of stilts to add height. Very effective. And the head masks. It would be a blast to play around with these ideas.

    I was wondering about what the puppeteers might be wearing? It would be interesting if some might have shrubbery on them, to transform from manipulators into scenery. I know the snowstorm fella seems to be some sort of animal… But it would be quite incredible to show a scene with greenery, the forestry of centuries past, and to realize, at some point, that these are all human bodies once they start moving into the scene as characters, or manipulators.

    Just a thought… Not sure if it’s a clear one.