The Birdmen of Saint Kilda

Evidently there’s an island off the coast of Scotland called Saint Kilda, where once lived a people called the Birdmen of Saint Kilda, who only recently ceased to exist.  They were so called because they lived off seabirds, being the only edible creatures available, since their island is very remote.  They were visited occasionally by priests over the centuries, which they didn’t like much, because the priests gave them colds and also wanted them to feel guilty about things they enjoyed.  They were otherwise by-and-large undisturbed until the Second World War, when the British came to put a radar installation, and they knew nothing about war until a German submarine came to shell the installation.  That wasn’t the end of the Birdmen of Saint Kilda, though; when they heard from the British soldiers what luxuries they had in the big cities of the United Kingdom, they finally deserted the island they had called home for as long as anyone could remember.  Their stone houses are still there, but what’s marvellous is that if you asked them then where they came from, they could point to the caves where they lived before they built their houses.

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