The set model

Here’s some photos of a model of the current idea for the set.  We were belabouring some wire and plaster bandages and plasticine in an effort to make a great big (miniature) mastodon skeleton, the old idea, and Pityu spotted some antlers on the table.  Way better: more abstract, more interesting, more beautiful.  Although it’s true that we have no idea how to build it, this is what it looks like small, anyway (the washed-out thing is a cardboard and plasticine puppeteer):

And this is what it looks like with a highly makeshift projection onto the paper towel we taped on there to look like the animal skins (not real, don’t worry) that would actually form the projection surface in the real thing:


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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

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4 Responses to The set model

  1. Judd Trout says:

    Looks like it’s possible. On Friday we met with Riley Miljan, the fellow who’s going to help build it, and he thinks we can do it by building a steel armature and then spraying it with foam — apparently there are companies that come with a truck full of the stuff, used for spraying insulation into walls or something — then carving it, then coating it with some kind of hard substance, potentially truck bed liner goop, and then painting it. It’ll be tricky to have it come apart so we can fit it into a truck or an airplane pallet, but it does look like we can pull it off.

  2. tleigh says:

    Looks fantastic in the small version. I especially like the projection set in the antlers. Now to hunt down a really really big elk for the stage version.

  3. Neandertaler says:

    Very cool! It evokes all the right images: cave, womb, world. I wonder if it would be worth looking into the possibility of mounting it on wheels so that it can turn around, or open and close…

  4. Surly Sue says:

    This is really fantastic. It has such a beautiful sculptural quality to it. It’s invokes something ancient- but I can see something modern being performed on it as well. GREAT choice.

    I wish I had some sort of theatre tech. experience to offer a solution to building it, but I’m just a theatre designer beginning her career. I hope you guys can pull this off!