Thoughts on the process of Open Creation

Okay, so, as the ideas for the play develop, so too does the experiment in collaborative writing over the internet.  Anybody that’s got any thoughts on that, as well, fire ‘em in, because I think it’s working pretty well but the ultimate plan would be to perfect the method itself over the course of several shows.  If it works.

So, one methodological observation I might throw in: it seems to me that if I arrived to this webpage at this stage, I might feel overwhelmed by the material and the excellent conversations going on, and maybe even feel nervous about contributing.  So, by way of solution, I’m going to attempt to post periodic summaries of where we’re at, so that somebody new might see an opportunity.

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Judd Palmer is one of the Old Trouts.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on the process of Open Creation

  1. Judd Trout says:

    Not an irksome contributor at all, sir! Not at all. We need balls coming out of both left field and right, I say. A good show, if you ask me, has both — in fact a tension between them. An elegant and concise structure that makes us feel like there is a cosmic order, in juxtaposition with a sense of the confusing, the mysterious, the miraculous, the un-accounted for.

  2. libidoless says:

    I feel rather odd and hope not to be an irksome contributor,,, my creative way is trigger response, a word or theme opens a crebral valve or two, there is a train of thought and I’ll try to make it more concise and get it in the right place. My apologies.