We need a plot.

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  1. libidoless says:

    some years back, I think in New Zealand, a pond with big blobs was discovered,, the blobs -it is beleived- were the first things to breathe oxygen and respire co2, up until then everything seemed quite happy doing the opposite. If you think about it, the co2 breathers are a pretty stoic peaceful branch of existence, whereas us mamalians are a frightful bunch with our thumbs and teeth and cloven hooves and plummage and webs and poisons,,, seriously, if elephants had thumbs we’d be doomed. A fishing buddy just had his thumbs crushed off and though he can still drive stick he can’t put a worm on a hook, neither here nor there I guess,,,,, he texts less, a good thing too as his texts were long and tedious, very predictable with little or no plot whatsoever. Brent Bambury on MidDay, was interviewing the CEO of the company that cross gened goats with spiders to help develop the lightest, strongest textile,, Brent asked and was cut off abruptly by the CEO about the goats,, “… goats? weeee don’t call them goats ,,, weeee call them special goats!!!”
    All I could picture from that point on were people in labcoats trying to brush special, 8 eyed goats off the ceiling with brooms and others labtechs trying to catch them with giant jars and cardboard. Seriously, the two mammals weee choose to cross breed are the creepiest goats and spiders,,, I once watched a goat eat all the foam from within a motorcycle seat, completely ignoring the more nutritious leather.

    • maplecett says:

      Can the neanderthal slowly disappear? What if, bit by bit, s/he physically disintegrates, having to adapt to being less and less “present”? What would that look like? Would it require a simplification of of life? HOw would we decide what would go first, how would that change her/his world? Would s/he become a dot, a speck, and then have no physical presence thereafter?

      • libidoless says:

        If Neander puppet was layered and at timed moments shavings removed a hair or several plucked away a joint added for posture, a wrinkle softened,, so by the end of the play you’d have the initial neanderpuppet looking like contemporaryman. If at each removal or alteration of feature a camera could take 12 frames of “film/video” (prior to the play not during,, though a paparazzi documenting the rise and fall of our neanderpuppet could be intriguing, with spinning gazettes with headlines of the day),,, at the end of the play the timelapse transformation film of neander to now puppet could play to close the show.

        Could a scroll of apppendix notes accompany the play, during scene change? It would help avoid the narator approach. I find when I watch the puppets I immerse myself in the viewing and find language a distraction,,, just my humble opinion.

  2. Urvater says:

    What? Urvater calls this a plot? What are we writing for, Disney? Come on! How about some metaphysical, some philosophical, some, I don’t know — something NEW. Like, some kind of important THEME?

    • Urvater says:

      The Disney accusation was about Urvater’s plot idea, not anybody else’s, eh?

      • Terminator E says:

        Well OK here’s an idea, maybe more of a Pixar idea, but here goes…

        Cavemen hunted the big hairy rhinos. Because the rhinos had poor eyesight, it was a successful method for a dozen cavemen to group together en mass, some riding each other piggyback, together mimicking the silhouette of a rhino, smeared in rhino stink, making rhino noise, to approach the herd. Many strenuous, risky days are spent living deep undercover with the rhinos, working to draw one away from the herd so an attack can be made. Time tested tactic for this clan.

        One group group of cavemen goes in too deep, and falls in love with rhino…

  3. Urvater says:

    Or, what if there’s this one individual who keeps wanting to draw pictures on the walls, and everybody hates en. E’s persecuted. But e just can’t stop enself. It’s like, it just flows out of en! Buffalo, reindeer, all kinds of stuff. The others finally kill en, and get on with their lives. Or: maybe some of the clan are on es side! They really feel the person is doing work of lasting value. But not everybody agrees. So there’s a fight. And the pro-artem side wins!
    Well, there may be other ideas.

  4. Urvater says:

    Plot: Our people, the good guys, numbering a dozen or so, are being chased to the edge of the earth. Each camp is tenuous and desperate. Periodically, they are attacked. Always they must find food. Fierce animals are part of their problem. So is cold, illness, injury, not to mention childbirth, keeping kids and old folks alive. Hope is sometimes revived in ritual. Ritual also helps deal with dead people of all ages. A young couple bonds in the experience. (Related to each other? See, you have these unexamined expectations.) They sleep together, protect each other. Parental rivalry about whether the guy is good enough or the girl good enough or something. Or, maybe in an attack, their loyalty to each other costs somebody else es life. Blame. So, internal strife on top of it all. Finally, they are at the edge. The big fight breaks out. Massacre. But, the young couple escape. Holding hands, looking out over a dawning horizon, they hold each other, promise of New.