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Behold! The eternal masterwork of puppetry for adults! Willingly undergo a heart-wrenching parade of theatrical demises that will severely exacerbate your fear of death!


All your favourite scenes are there: "Edward's Last Prance," from The Ballad of Edward Grue by Samuel Groanswallow, "The Feverish Heart," by Nordo Frot, "I Hate My Little Brother," by Sally, and the unforgettable "Bipsy's Mistake" from Bipsy and Mumu Go to the Zoo, by Fun Freddy! 

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“Exquisite… boundless invention… virtuosity…”

Variety Magazine

"As funny as it is inventive" (best of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018)

The Guardian

"Nothing short of glorious... an absolute must..."

Edinburgh Guide

"Poignant, profound, imaginative,

utterly delightful." 

British Theatre Guide

"Endlessly rich, inventive, and amusing.

The Scotsman

“Mind-blowing originality… [The Trouts] are boldly reshaping puppet theatre into sophisticated adult entertainment.”

Fast-Forward Magazine, Calgary


“…un plato delicioso… la esplendida altura de Puppet canadiense.”

“…a delicious meal… the splendid heights of the Canadian puppet.”

Granada Hoy, Spain

“visually stunning and endlessly entertaining.”

The L.A. Times


“one of the best shows of the year… not to be missed.”

The Globe & Mail


“brilliant, sublime and often hilarious… sheer visual poetry… engages an audience like few productions I’ve ever seen….”

Monday Magazine, Victoria


“…original…hilarious…breathtaking inventiveness…”

The Georgia Straight


“one of the wildest, wackiest, most inventive puppet shows you’re ever likely to see.”

The Toronto Star

“An amazing theatre experience… one of the best, most surreal works of imagination I’ve seen in ages.”

See Magazine, Edmonton


“hilarious, beautiful and macabre… simply remarkable… too intense to allow its audience

to catch its breath, too beautiful for them

to want to.”

Fast-Forward Magazine, Calgary

“dramatically engaging and visually stunning.”

The Boston Globe


“no end of highlights… a great black comedy.”

The Calgary Herald


“…you simply have to catch this show… truly inspired.”

The Regina Leader-Post


“Nothing short of genius.”

The Ottawa Citizen


“Pure joy.  Great, great theatre.”

Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio


“Un bijou de créativité, de tendresse, at d’humour… un spectacle sans limite.”

“A jewel of creativity, of tenderness, and humour… a show without limits.”

Le Progrès, France


“Sublimely inventive theatre… eye-popping images… wondrously imagined.”

The Courier, Vancouver

“Each new scene is more beautiful and inventive than the last.”

The Skinny, Edinburgh

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Credit: Jason Stang

Famous Puppet Death Scenes - credit AD Zyne _Grue's Demise_.jpg

Credit: AD Zyne

Famous Puppet Death Scenes - credit AD Zyne  _Four Faces_.jpg

Credit: AD Zyne

Famous Puppet Death Scenes _Death_ Jason Stang Photography.jpg

Credit: Jason Stang

Famous Puppet Death Scenes - credit AD Zyne _Four Heads_.jpg
Famous Puppet Death Scenes - credit AD Zyne  _Anguish_.jpg

Credit: AD Zyne

Famous Puppet Death Scenes - credit AD Zyne  _Tweak & Death_.jpg

Credit: AD Zyne

Credit: Jason Stang


Famous Puppet Death Scenes contains stage fog, strobe lighting, abrupt noises, unnecessary cruelty to inanimate objects, and hot, hot puppet nudity.

Not recommended for the emotionally fragile. Please weep uncontrollably only into the buckets provided. 


Only darkness awaits.

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