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Literal-minded people rejoice!  The Old Trout Puppet Workshop now actually has a physical building that justifies the fourth word in its name. No longer merely an architectural metaphor for an experimental and collectivist attitude, we make the leap from the imaginary to the real – and YOU CAN RENT IT!


Okay so what actually is the WORKSHOP?

The WORKSHOP is where the Trouts make their shows, in a wondrous new 'BONNYBOOM' building in Southeast Calgary – the result of a magical collision between a scenery shop, rehearsal hall, & makerspace topped with a big sprinkle of Trout which now that we say it sounds revolting but there’s no taking it back now!


It’s divided into 2 spaces – 

The BUILD space:

A proper place for making things, complete with workbenches, layout space, paint area, sculpting booth, & a full set of stationary tools like a table saw, bandsaw, radial arm saw, and drill press.

The sTUDIO space:

A stage area complete with wall-mounted mirrors and sprung floor as well as a green room and open floor space suitable for storage, layout or seating.


IN OTHER WORDS it’s the perfect place for your next creation, collaboration, meeting, build, rehearsal or artistic adventure.


Messy Space


Messy Space

Yes but what’s the WORKSHOP’s mandate?

To provide low-barrier access for smaller arts organizations, collectives and independent artists, for rehearsal, construction, administration, meeting, and making stuff, with a specific focus on supporting under-represented groups and those with an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA)-driven mandate.

That’s exactly what I need! How do I rent it?


For availability inquiries, pricing, and to rent the space, please contact us at

Last question:
is “the WORKSHOP” really the best name
you could come up with?


Yes. Yes it was.
If you have a better idea, keep it to yourself. We don’t want to think about it anymore. 


Call it whatever you want.   


Tidy Space

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