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The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is a peculiar and wondrous and fragile thing that struggles to exist against great odds -- like, say, a very small flower in a nasty place full of rocks and cruel wind.  Except that a very small flower needs sun and a little water now and then whereas the Old Trout Puppet Workshop needs, well, money.

You might ask yourself: "Well, what do I get for my money?". We've thought about that, because it's a hard question. We said to ourselves: "Who are we? What can we offer? What are we good at?" That's when inspiration took over and we realized that we have a cool name, we make pretty good puppet shows and we're great at drinking coffee.


So, for your gracious support, here's the value-exchange proposition we offer:

1.      You get to "Be a Trout" alongside us in our quest to reimagine the art of puppetry.

2.      You are bestowed with a fancy fish name, listed on our website, without the hassle or embarrassment of an initiation ritual.

3.      Aaaannndd you also get a slip of paper that might keep the tax collector away.


And, if you stay tuned, every now and then we offer tangible goodwill and appreciation (or bribes), like tickets to see our show, or a coffee mug over which you can ponder the mysteries of the cosmos.


We'd be ever so grateful for your support. Every little bit counts.

In case you were wondering, The Old Trout Workshop is a registered non profit organization (BN:867021529RR0001). Donations can be processed through Canada Helps, a public charitable foundation providing a donation portal to 80,000 Canadian charities. To make a safe, secure on-line donation, please click on the conveniently located Canada Helps logo.

Donations received directly by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop will receive a tax donation receipt from our office.

If you have any questions or would care to donate with cash or cheque, please send us an email or give us a call: 403-508-4929

Here's a handy online way to donate if you don't feel like sending actual cash:

CanadaHelps Logo English (stacked, no ta

Our Trout Family

We smashed our 2021-22 goal of $10,000 to smithereens, raising $11,015!


Many thanks to the following "Trouts" for their support in 2021-22

Rainbow Trouts ($500+)

Grant Burns

Interalia Law

Lara King

Peter Poole

Hugh Thomas

Bull Trouts ($250 - $499)

James Gottselig

Veronika Krausas

Chris Manderson

Speckled Trouts ($100 - $249)

Leanne Duke

Stephen Casslan

Jessica Hansen

Megan Harvey

Ryan Hoffman

Brigitte Von Rothemburg

Brook Trouts ($50 - $99)

Rachel Haddock

Olivier Pavia

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