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Famous Puppet Death Scenes Contest

If you wish to not only behold the eternal masterwork that is Famous Puppet Death Scenes, but to have your name acclaimed alongside such luminary works as Das Bipsy und Mumu Puppenspiel by Freulicher Friedrich, The Modern Age (Part 3) by Eamon Schloss, and La Nature au Naturel avec Dr. FranÁois LeBoule (and who could blame you?), to contribute to the greater canon of historically important puppet death scenes, then, my friend, we humbly offer you the opportunity of several lifetimes.


Make a puppet out of whatever you have handy, then make a short video of the little fellow meeting an untimely demise! Upload it to Twitter (@theoldtrouts), Facebook (@TheOldTrouts), or Instagram (oldtroutpuppetworkshop), and tag us in your post with the hashtags #puppetdeathscenes and #intotheunknown.


We will compile them, and On the 31st of July, our esteemed host himself, Nathanial Tweak (pictured at right), will announce the winner.


The winner will receive a pair of tickets to Famous Puppet Death Scenes at the magnificent Summerhall at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe! But that’s not, my aspiring puppet killers, you’ll also get a marvellously handsome mug, to be used for the safe conveyance of your favourite fluid.

And before you ask, no. No we are not including flights or hotels. You have to get to Scotland on your own. We're an arts group. We aren't made of money…

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