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premiere: 2001

Around the world, children’s teeth fall out. They tuck them expectantly under their pillows, and go to sleep. And in the dream-haunted night, a creeping creature from another world makes an exchange filled with dread significance: innocence traded for grubby lucre. And Mum and Dad grin in the morning, as if something deeply strange had not occurred in the glooming dark.


It is time for the truth to be told. Witness this tale of Abigail, the Girl With Perfect Teeth. Cheer her crusade to save the world from the Tooth Fairy, and thereby preserve for eternity the innocent happiness of childhood. No more shall our golden days be bought from us!


The Old Trout Puppet Workshop adapted (and helped write) the cult classic children’s book The Tooth Fairy, the first book in the Governor-General’s Award short-listed series Preposterous Fables for Unusual Children, written and illustrated by Judd Palmer.


The result is a colossus of the puppet stage. The Old Trouts do not shirk from extravaganza. Monsters! Cosmic curses! Sea-battles! Broadway brou-ha-ha! Heart-wrenching laments! All told with puppets from the acclaimed company that brought you Famous Puppet Death Scenes and The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan – this time plying their trade for children. Not only children: all those who have lost a baby tooth, found a coin under their pillow, and wondered if they would ever be the same again.


Credit: Jason Stang

abigail tongue.jpg

“ A delightful adventure… exquisitely crafted.”

The Vancouver Straight


“...probably one of the best, most surreal works of imagination I’ve seen in ages.”

SEE Magazine, Edmonton


“...a seemingly endless supply of visual delights.”

Vue Magazine, Edmonton


“...utterly captivating.”

Ottawa Citizen


“… a wonderful and engaging sense of play.”

Fast-Forward Magazine, Calgary

Credit: Jason Stang

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Credit: Jason Stang

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