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premiere: 2000

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A metaphysical Punch & Judy Show for Adults

Credit: Jason Stang

Credit: Jason Stang

The very first Old Trout show we made when we founded the company on the Palmer Ranch in southern Alberta. We built it out of fenceposts and scrap farm machinery, and then premiered it in the old bunkhouse for an audience of cowboys and Hutterites with horses peering in through the frosted windows. The Hutterites helped us drive the set into Calgary for the High Performance Rodeo in January of 20000, and we all tracked hay and mud all over the Centre for the Performing Arts, completely out of our element... and yet, somehow, it felt like the beginning of something.

Alas: we've probably never really managed to recapture the sense of delight and common purpose we had when we made this show.

"A wonderfully innovative delight." The Globe & Mail

"Inspired puppet creations create magic." The Ottawa Citizen

“Mind-blowing originality… The Trouts are boldly reshaping puppet theatre into sophisticated adult entertainment.” – Fast-Forward

The original cast, circa 2000. From left to right: Pityu Kenderes, Stephen Pearce, Judd Palmer, & Pete Balkwill. Photo by Jason Stang.

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The remount cast, circa 2017. From left to right: Pete Balkwill, Nick diGaetano, Teddy Ivanova, & Pityu Kenderes. Photo by Sean Dennie.


The original program.

Istvan program 2017 front.jpg
Istvan set still.jpg

Credit: Jason Stang

A view of the Ranch. photo credit Dana Wilson.

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