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We here at the Old Trout Puppet Workshop are plagued by a nagging sense of dissatisfaction, and we think you might be too.  So, on our common behalf, we’ve gone searching for our lost bliss amongst the ignorant – our prehistoric ancestors, who once howled in gigantic joy, stamping the rock with grubby feet over the steaming remains of an eviscerated mastodon, while we their clever progeny make do today with feeble tweets and stuttering skype and hot yoga, all the while stifling the mightier shrieks that surge below.  Ignorance is a puppet documentary about the evolution of happiness – from the thick-blooded hearts of the ancient caves, to the ethereal heaven of our light-speed future – it’s about where we all went wrong, and how we might find our way once again.

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Credit: Jason Stang

“Ignorance is Bliss”

The Toronto Sun

“Ignorance is Bliss”

The Calgary Herald

“Ignorance is Bliss”

The Vancouver Courier


Workshop: Banff Centre, December 2011

Premiere: Vancouver East Cultural Centre, February 2012

Banff Centre, March 2012

Theatre Network, Edmonton, March 2012

Magnetic North national theatre festival, Calgary, June 2012

Pumphouse Theatre, Calgary, October 2012

CINARS showcase, November 2012

CanStage, Toronto, December 2012

Espace Libre, Montreal, January 2013

Sevilla, Spain, May 2013

Granada, Spain, May 2013

Málaga, Spain, May 2013

Charleville-Mézières, France, September 2013

Paris, France, September 2013

Blackwood, Wales, October 2013

Newport, Wales, October 2013

Châlons-en-Champagne, France, October 2013

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Victoria, January 2014

Capitol Theatre, Nelson, January 2014

Vernon Arts Centre, January 2014

Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon, January/February 2014

Espace Libre, Montreal, March 2014

Centre in the Square, Kitchener, March 2014

Nuits de Fourvière Festival, Lyon, France 2014

ILT Theatre Festival, Aarhus, Denmark 2015

Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania 2015

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Credit: Jason Stang

Credit: Jason Stang

Credit: Jason Stang

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