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Employment Opportunity: Stage Manager - Canadian and European Tours 2017-18

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is seeking a diversely talented individual to join our collective ensemble in the role of Stage Manager. This opportunity begins in the fall of 2017 with creative collaboration on a new touring show in Calgary, followed by a confirmed Canadian tour in 2017-18 to Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. The company then intends to tour the work to Europe in summer 2018 including Spain, Romania, France, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Application deadline: Monday June 19, 2017, 5:00 pm

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The Old Trout Designing Things Division

We're honoured and humbled to see our design for Twelfth Night being presented by Theatre Calgary this coming February, 2018.



Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry (CAMP)

Check out the new website for CAMP!

Even better, check out CAMP's exciting project: Buffalo Belong - coming in August 2017. If you are a high school student with an interest in mask and puppetry, this summer camp experience is for YOU!



Curious about what we do?

If you live in Calgary, Alberta or nearby or heck - even if you're just passing through - drop by our studio - Fort Trout - anytime for a visit.

Please call ahead to ensure that someone is actually there: 403-508-4929

Find us here: #106, 4632 1 Street S.E. - Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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Coming, Fall 2017: Underland

In this, their newest production, the Old Trouts will break the Sacred and Ancient Covenant of the Bohemians to tell the secret truth about what it’s really like backstage at a puppet show: a looking-glass world, similar to yours but stranger; unhinged from true time, ungoverned by daylight or reason – an unending tea party, where monsters roam in the shadows, heads come undone from their bodies, apparitions shimmer in clouds of smoke, and there are sorrows enough to fill the sea, which is to say: Wonderland, before Alice arrives.

Underland is a loveletter to the delirious life of the theatre.  The Trouts pull aside the velvet veil to invite the audience to join a hapless company of puppeteers, in the throes of attempting to perform a production of Alice in Wonderland.  Their costumes are on, the puppets are ready, the lanterns are lit – but the child has not yet arrived, to play the title role.  She is late. And the play must go on. The performers are growing deranged; each of them is entangled in his own expectations, in fear of the coming confrontation with innocence, but the ensemble has no idea what is approaching.  They have been rehearsing their whole lives, and they are not prepared in the slightest.  

And so the dreamworld precariously spins on one end like a tottering gyroscope.  Utter transformation is on its way.  In Underland, where nothing ever changes, and the actors rehearse a play with no beginning and no end, bound by lines scribbled by a madman, backwards on blowing leaves… a door is about to open.

“Take care of yourself,” screamed the White Queen... 

“Something’s going to happen!”



Thank you to the following "Trouts" for their support of our 2016 Fundraising Campaign so far ...

Rainbow Trouts ($500+)

Grant Burns

Terry and Andrea Killackey

Johanne Daoust

James Palmer

Lara King


Bull Trouts ($250 - $499)

Greg Francis

James Gottsleig


Speckled Trouts ($100 - $249)

Jennifer Robbins

Dale Lee Kwong

Sylvia Ziemann

Adriana Van Der Heijden

Leanne Duke

Christina Hatton

Sandra Engstrom

Daniel Grassick

Tanya Gold



Someday very soon there will be a style... that

will come to be known as ‘Old Trout-like’

– it’s just too good not to be imitated.”

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