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North American Tour 2017-18:

Edmonton, Alberta: Theatre Network, The Roxy Theatre: November 7 - 26, 2017

WORLD PREMIERE: Thursday November 9

Vancouver, British Columbia: The Cultch, York Theatre: February 6 - 17, 2018

Calgary, Alberta: DJD Studio Theatre, February 20 - March 4, 2018


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The Old Trout Designing Things Division

We're honoured and humbled to see our design for Twelfth Night being presented by Theatre Calgary this coming February, 2018.



~ Builder-Apprenticeship Program in Puppet Theatre ~

A paid internship position of flexible duration, during which time the intrepid novice will join the Old Trout team to work on one or several upcoming productions, learning how to design and build puppet shows alongside the Old Trouts themselves – famous in the puppet world as hallowed gurus of inestimable grandeur – who now seek to form a crack puppetry dojo that will create marvels that will be remembered for a thousand years.

Applicants can be hallowed gurus in other fields that are interested in exploring the peculiar art of puppetry, or, failing that, merely blindingly talented. Contracts could be varying lengths and dates depending on how everybody’s schedule works out, and likewise the number of positions available is yet to be determined – however the first project starts at the end of August and ideally at least some of the folks we bring on board would start then or shortly thereafter. That said, there are other windows further down the road and so we’ll be accepting applications with no fixed deadline, given that we’ll be filling the positions on a first-come-first-hired basis.

Apply with a resumé, dates of availability, and a short letter telling us about yourself and why in God’s name you’d want to do such a thing and we’ll reply in short order.

Please send your materials to Istvan Trout at mail@theoldtrouts.org.

Graduates of the program will be issued commemorative mugs

and will be entitled to be called ‘sub-guru’ once the Old Trouts are dead.


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Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry (CAMP)

Check out the new website for CAMP!

Even better, check out CAMP's exciting project: Buffalo Belong - coming in August 2017. If you are a high school student with an interest in mask and puppetry, this summer camp experience is for YOU!



Curious about what we do?

If you live in Calgary, Alberta or nearby or heck - even if you're just passing through - drop by our studio - Fort Trout - anytime for a visit.

Please call ahead to ensure that someone is actually there: 403-508-4929

Find us here: #106, 4632 1 Street S.E. - Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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Coming, Fall 2017: Jabberwocky

Long ago, one odd and lonely night, the otherwise kindly children’s book author Lewis Carroll was overtaken by a strange trance. His eyes rolled back gruesomely in their sockets, and his hand, as if possessed, scribbled out seemingly random combinations of letters – slowly, fiendish phrases emerged, forming some kind of dire incantation from the nether depths, written in some forgotten and diabolical language: the dread verses now known as Jabberwocky.

The poem is nigh incomprehensible to us today. But tweed-clad and bewhiskered experts on mysterious and secret subjects have managed to eke out some scraps of meaning: it tells the tale of a monster and its slayer, a tale as old or older than the telling of tales itself, a tale told even amongst our tongueless protozoan ancestors. It’s the story scrawled on Einstein’s blackboard, the story that spurs atomic flickers, microbial battle-cries, even our sperm’s frantic race to be devoured by the egg; the same story is shrieked from pulpits, murmurs in the minds of maniacs, or whispers from the pages of sinister children’s books somehow meant to comfort us in the night. It’s the story that surges in our youthful muscles on summer days, but it’s also the resolute rhythm of the ticking of the clock, our imminent dwindling, our forlorn forecast: Hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

So asks the poem. So too ask the Old Trouts, in their newest production, an attempt to adapt those ancient and esoteric stanzas for the stage. Are you haunted by that same question, on odd and lonely nights, yearning for sleep?

Here is the answer:

No. Thou hast not.



Thank you to the following "Trouts" for their support of our 2016 Fundraising Campaign so far ...

Rainbow Trouts ($500+)

Grant Burns

Terry and Andrea Killackey

Johanne Daoust

James Palmer

Lara King


Bull Trouts ($250 - $499)

Greg Francis

James Gottsleig


Speckled Trouts ($100 - $249)

Jennifer Robbins

Dale Lee Kwong

Sylvia Ziemann

Adriana Van Der Heijden

Leanne Duke

Christina Hatton

Sandra Engstrom

Daniel Grassick

Tanya Gold



Someday very soon there will be a style... that

will come to be known as ‘Old Trout-like’

– it’s just too good not to be imitated.”

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